Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seedling Update

Today is Wednesday May 4th and its still RAINING and chilly.  And, our seedlings are having a difficult time as they have no sunshine to motivate them to grow!  Further complications include so much rain water leaking in through the greenhouse roof panels and thoroughly saturating our seed pots, moldy newspaper pots, & cold temperatures delaying the starting of the herb seeds.

Here you can see that a few of the bean plants are getting bigger leaves, but some have yet to even sprout up from the dirt at all!   They look ok though and I think if we have just a little warmth and sunshine they will really do well.  

This picture is showing the upper shelf of peas and the lower shelf of cucumbers looking very healthy, with dark green leaves and sturdy stems--the beginning of some very hearty veggie plants.

The zucchini and yellow summer squash are finally up (left) as well as the acorn squash (below).  However, still no sign of the butternut squash or the pumpkins.

 Most of the tomato seed pots have some tiny plants growing, although I am sort of anxious about the speed at which they are growing (or not)...Only approx 3 1/2 weeks until planting out date, and they are soooo small!  Sunshine, please Lord, a little sunshine!!!

We may end up having to purchase all of our pepper plants!  Only 3 sickly green pepper sprouts are up, and nearly all of the pots are moldy!  I am not sure at this time if they are moldy because of being flooded with rain water so many times, or from the cool damp temperatures, or because of the newspaper, or all of the above?!  The newspaper pots containing tomatoes are not moldy, only all pots containing the 4 varieties of peppers that I was looking forward to growing.  Hmmmm....I'm waiting a little longer before giving up all together, but its sure not looking good for the peppers.

I planted an assortment of herb seeds last weekend in peat pots (ice cube tray style) in the greenhouse. If we had warmer weather, they should have been started a few weeks earlier, so I am not really sure if they are going to grow either, but since I had the packets of seeds I figured I had better give it a try.

Oh, wait, what's this I see, is it a glimpse of sun? Oh, nope, nevermind, it's already gone again....


  1. Poor pepper plants! lol there goes the sun!

  2. The forecast calls for no sun this year.