Friday, April 29, 2011

The First Sprouts Appear!

Hurray! We've seen the first signs of life from our tiny seeds!

I was getting a little discouraged (because I am not very good at waiting!) since I was expecting at least some of the plants to be growing by now...I thought sure the beans would have been quick to sprout--but our spring weather has been challenging to say the least.  After about 2 weeks of chilly, cloudy, and RAINY weather our seedlings are just starting to pop up through the surface of the soil.  We've experienced a few set backs though, such as extremely strong winds blowing panels off the greenhouse and rain gushing right in on top of the pots, and I am sure that played a roll in the extra few days it has taken.  Having the peat and newspaper seed pots inside the greenhouse has kept them about 15 degrees warmer than the outside temperature on most days, encouraging growth despite the cold.  Oh, and as far as the homemade newspaper pots are concerned...they are holding up very well, perhaps dry out slightly quicker than their peat friends but overall doing their job no differently so far.

Update on seeds planted Tuesday April 12

             peas--beginning to show on Easter Sunday April 24.  I am very happy these are growing, the last time I tried to grow peas they all rotted and never even sprouted--this is looking promising!


  cucumbers--several sprouts peaked out on Mon April 25. We're on our way to dill pickles for sure!

grape tomatoes
grape tomatoes--Tues April 26, all 16 peat cells have 2 or more plants each. These were seeds I saved from grape tomatoes I grew last summer, and the first of the tomatoes to sprout.  My family likes the grape tomatoes better than the cherry tomatoes because they are much sweeter! They are great right off the vine, or in salads, or roasted in the oven.

Surprise! Its raining again today!  But when it lets up a little I will go out and see what else is coming up and let you know. Maybe some squash and peppers?!


  1. why, thank you kind sir :) I thought you might be able to appreciate the close-ups.