Monday, February 13, 2012

"To Blog or Not To Blog?" That is the question!

"To Blog or Not To Blog?"
Hello readers. Did you miss me?  Did you often check to see if there were any new posts only to be disappointed? Have you wondered and worried what has become of the getaway gardener during the winter?

No, not really?!  I didn't think so. 

Not much has been going on in the gardening department here, nor the green house (as winter gardening in there is still in the experimental stages for me).   I worked on a few non-gardening related projects during the winter, and I may get around to posting about those, but does anyone really want to read about the projects I am doing?  or about my upcoming gardening plans? or creepy little buggies that crawl around in the garden later in the season? or my burnt tomato sauce and other such preserving mishaps?    

Recently, I was asked if I was going to continue with the blog this year ... and I didn't really know how I wanted to answer, so I have spent a little time thinking on the question. Here are the things I have been mulling over:

SUBJECT MATTER:  I have some ideas, which seem interesting to me... but then when I think about sharing them, ugh. I think well "now they will all know I am a weirdo for sure!"    Of course, "I am what I am and that's all that I am, I'm Popeye the sailor m.. ", oh oopsie that can't be the song I was goin for....where was I?  Right, being weird!    I guess it's probably a good idea to share the trials and triumphs that we are experiencing as we do our best to be good stewards of the opportunities and resources we are given, and in this day and age, blogging is probably the most widespread and easy venue for doing so.  Also, do I limit this to garden-oriented stuff, because it has been named "getawaygarden" specifically, or is it acceptable to expand to other projects, info and skills I learn, try, conquer (or fail)?

TIME MANAGEMENT:  Is posting really the best use of my time? or is it something I can "allow" as my "rest time" activity?

AUDIENCE:  I only have 9 official blog followers! and the hit or miss few that happen across the occasional link from facebook...

AM I ANY GOOD AT THIS:  Well let me just say here that I used to be smart, quite smart in fact  (insert wide cheesy smile)  but eh, the brain is getting a little out of practice in the finer things as I have spent so much time in the last few years almost completely engaged in child care, elder patient care, diapers (yes from both of the former categories thank you), reading books which have less than 20 pages and include lots of pictures, medicine regulation and administration, well you get the point... very often now I feel like the ol' brain is just about mush!  SO, am I kidding myself in thinking I can still intelligibly translate my thoughts into articles that a-people want to read, and b-convey information that is somewhat useful or at least mildly entertaining. And is   keeping up with writing to y'all, researching topics that come up about gardening, and etc possibly GOOD for my noggin! 


CONSPIRACY WARNINGS:  Ok, so seriously these are the real concerns in today's world...The things I feel are important enough to blog about/share info on/whatever... are also the topics that cause a lot of people to be on high alert.  Can I deliver vague enough postings so as not to be considered a target (in any of several aspects) and still clearly transmit useful information, experience, and values to my readers?  The things I hold most dear are Faith, Family, Freedom and the Preservation of all three--It goes without saying that each of these are under attack and so are the people that promote them.

Here's where you come in!  Tell me you want me to stay.  Join this site as an official follower if you haven't yet, then share me with your friends! Get me some more followers! Leave me comments, questions, and topic suggestions...

I will be waiting to hear from you...


  1. Being a member of our family is a gamble...weird or not weird? That's a good one. Our family is weird, why be a standout? No, not weird, unique is a good word. Keep writing, about anything, not just the garden. Getawaygarden is just that, a get away from the every day mundane things. Write what you want, be it about your lovely garden, the winter projects, the silly things you remember or want to try. The point is, empty your head when it gets to full of whatever! So you have only 8 followers. So what? My blog has 2 but I keep writing what I remember, what I want to remember and just the silly things. It's a good outlet to express yourself whether or not people read/don't read. I've come across several by accident that I follow and I get great enjoyment reading other peoples thoughts, ideas and gripes. Keep writing please or my existence will become more boring then it already is!

  2. Just from the last article one can see you are still very smart. Why not blog, why not share, why not inspire others?! Some of us don't have the talent to do the same and some of us have inherited (ahem) the talent. Just kidding! Both my kids have hidden talents I knew nothing about and I want to see you both succeed and share (with me lol) So, long story short (now you know where you got writing ability)KEEP ON KEEPING ON GIRL

  3. Hey dianna, before you start busting out an article a day or something, talk to me. Would be better long term if you are serious, to buy a domain/hosting.

    1. I don't know if I am that committed to be "bustin' out an article a day" yet. we'll see, maybe.

  4. also, the audience Will come later. This is how it works. Keep posting.

  5. Keep writing! Yes, you are very good at it! Yes, post about your other projects.