Friday, August 5, 2011

Vegetable Garden Update 4

Veggie garden update:
Still picking cucumbers and beans, as well as banana peppers and jalepenos. The green pepper plants have produced only a few good peppers so far, but are now covered in tiny ones. The zucchini and yellow squash are giving us a few decently sized squash ever few days now. Waiting for tomatoes to ripen is the hardest thing to do! So far I have only picked 6 red grape tomatoes, but there are lots and lots of green ones hanging on all the plant varieties.

  Another veggie that is hard to wait for is the carrot.  Maybe that is just because all you can see are the green tops, so you don't know if it is growing very much down there in the dirt!  As I have confessed to you before, I am not good at I pulled up a carrot today--just one and it was very crowded close to another one and needed to be pulled anyhow really--I just had to see how they are doing.  You see here that this carrot is not very big yet, but it seems to have formed correctly. Good thing there is still plenty of growing time for the rest of the carrot patch before the weather turns and I have to harvest them.

Here is a little acorn squash.

Today, I picked one of the 3 watermelon that I found out in the garden. It flexed some on the outside, and it sounded hollow when I thumped it with my finger, so it seemed that it was ripe and ready to be cut up...but when I cut it in half it looked like this picture on the right.  All white with a few pinkish spots in it.  The flesh was really really soft, like an over ripe melon, and it didn't taste right at all, so into the garbage it went.  Had it not ripened enough? even though the centered seemed so overly soft? I don't know. I will wait a while before picking and serving the other watermelon out there and see if it is any better.

That is all for tonight. I am hoping to get a few more ideas typed out tomorrow or over the coming weekend.

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